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The Murlocs

The Murlocs - 'S/T' & 'TEE PEE'

The Murlocs - 'S/T' & 'TEE PEE'

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The Murlocs 'S/T EP & TEE PEE' 12" Vinyl

Bogan Grove


Remastered for vinyl

2000 copies worldwide 

Yellow, red and grey sludgy A/Side B/Side wax. Ultra Heavy deluxe 400gsm board

Step and Stagger Limited Edition

1000 copies world wide
Green, red and yellow twister wax
Ultra Heavy deluxe 400gsm board


Side A - S/T EP

  1. Step and Stagger
  2. Dead Regrets
  3. Casual Fiend
  4. Occupied
  5. Delusions Blues 

Side B - Tee Pee

  1. Tee Pee
  2. Fake Disguise
  3. Gutless
  4. Manny's Bar
  5. Bogan Grove
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