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Live in Adelaide '19 (Needlejuice Records)

Live in Adelaide '19 (Needlejuice Records)

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A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing.

Needlejuice is proud to present King Gizzard’s live performance at Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide, Australia on 7/12/19 on a triple LP pressing with etching on side F.

Side A
1. Evil Star
2. Planet B
3. Mars for the Rich
4. Venusian 1
5. Cyboogie

Side B
6. Real’s Not Real
7. Hot Water
8. Open Water
9. Sleep Drifter

Side C
10. Billabong Valley
11. The Bird Song
12. Inner Cell
13. Loyalty
14. Horology

Side D
15. Plastic Boogie
16. Organ Farmer
17. Self-Immolate
18. Head On/Pill

Side E
19. Head On/Pill (cont’d)

Side F
An etching?

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