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KGLW - Live In London Cassette Tape (Crafting Room Recordings)

KGLW - Live In London Cassette Tape (Crafting Room Recordings)

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Recorded at their live gig in front of 10,000 people at Alexandra Palace, London. This adrenaline filled live album contains songs from the duration of King Gizzard's long and prolific career and excellently captures the energy of the crowd.

I managed to book 2 tickets to the gig back in the March of 2019 and ended up arriving at one of the best gigs of my life. The crowd energy was incredible with everyone buzzing, moshpits blooming into life. An incredible adaptive display was featured behind the band, causing flashing reds and neon greens to splash across the outstretched hands of the people below. Leaving the gig, I needed a rest and a new pair of clothes, as without realising, I had been dancing non-stop for just shy of two hours

1. Evil Star

2. Self-Immolate

3. Mars For The Rich

4. I'm In Your Mind

5. I'm Not In Your Mind

6. Cellophane

7. The Great Chain Of Being

8. PLastic Boogie

9. Crumbling Castle

10. The Thing

11. Boogieman Sam

12. Mr Beat

13. Evil Death Roll

14. Venusian 2

15. Planet B

16. Rattlesnake

17. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs


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