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Demos Vol. 3 (Airbag Records)

Demos Vol. 3 (Airbag Records)

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Limited AI Artwork Edition MiniDisc release of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s DEMOS VOL. 3. MUSIC TO EAT POND SCUM TO, bootlegged by Airbag Records.

The AI-generated cover and inside artwork for this edition was created using Replicate's Pixray:

Presented on MiniDisc for the very first time, this limited edition has been professionally recorded onto brand new Sony MiniDiscs, with custom clear MiniDisc jewel cases, full colour on-body printing and full colour inserts.

1. Music To Eat Pond Scum To
2. All Is Known (Demo 1)
3. Stoned Mullet (Demo)
4. Greenhouse Heat Death (Demo 1)
5. Party Potential
6. Gaia (Demo)
7. German Rock N' Rolle
8. Sleep Drifter (Demo 1)
9. Mariposa
10. Mars For The Rich (Demo 2)
11. The Hungry Wolf Of Fate (Demo 1)
12. Flying Fishy
13. The Dripping Tap (Demo 1)

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